Complementary feed for horses

Muscle building & mineral feed in one

Product informations
  • Vitamins and trace elements ideally matched to the daily needs of healthy sport and high-performance horses
  • High quality protein concentrate for optimal supply of essential amino acids such as lysine, methionine and threonine
  • Ideally suited for horses with muscle and metabolic problems such as PSSM1 & MIM (PSSM2), RER etc.
  • Promotes muscular stabilisation in ECVM
  • Contributes to muscle development, better suppleness and performance
  • Supports the regeneration of muscle cells
  • With stomach-protective sea buckthorn macerate
  • High content of manganese, magnesium, zinc and vitamins B, C & E
  • Free from added sugar, grains & alfalfa

Offer approx. 35 g per 100 kg body weight and day
mixed with the crib feed. This corresponds to approx. 2 measuring cups per day for a large horse with 600 kg body weight.

1 measuring cup corresponds to approx. 110 g

This complementary feed may only be fed to horses up to 1.6 % of the daily ration (incl. hay) due to the higher content of vitamins and trace elements compared to complete feeds.

Please follow the feeding recommendation.

For horses with elevated liver and/or kidney values, feed only after consultation with your veterinarian.

Soy protein concentrate*, apple fibre, magnesium lysinate/fumarate, sodium chloride, monoammonium phosphate, sea buckthorn macerate 3 %, linseed cake, yeallow linseed gently cracked, vegetable oil from linseed

*Soy from regional contract farming (GMO-free)

Crude protein 37 %
Crude fat 7.3 %
Crude fiber 3.8 %
Crude ash 14.5 %
Digestible crude protein 312 g/kg
Digestible energy 14 MJ/kg
Metabolisable energy 11 MJ/kg
Starch & Sugar < 10 %
Calcium 0.3 %
Phosphorus 1.2 %
Magnesium 2 %
Sodium 2 %
Lysine 5.8 %
Methionine 2 %
Methionine + Cysteine 2.2 %
Threonine 1.2 %
Vitamin A 3a672a 82 000 IE
Vitamin D3 3a671 5 700 IE
Vitamin E 3a700 16 000 mg
Vitamin C 3a300 8 500 mg
Vitamin B1 3a821 800 mg
Vitamin B2 3a825i 1 100 mg
Vitamin B6 3a831 460 mg
Biotin 3a880 55 700 mcg
Calcium D pantothenate 3a841 170 mg
Iron as iron(II) chelate of protein hydrolysate 3b108 660 mg
Zinc as zinc chelate of glycine hydrate (solid) 3b607 7 500 mg
Manganese as manganese chelate of glycine hydrate 3b506 4 500 mg
Copper as copper(II) chelate of glycine hydrate (solid) 3b413 560 mg
Cobalt as coated granulated cobalt(II)carbonate 3b304 12.7 mg
Selenium as selenised yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060, inactivated 3b810
and selenised yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R397, inactivated 3b811
4 mg
Iodine as calcium iodate anhydrous 3b202 5.6 mg


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