Complementary feed for horses

Natural vitamin E at its best

WES NanoShot E
an innovative product for the direct supply of natural vitamin E

Vitamin E, a collective term for tocopherols, is an important antioxidant as a component of cell membranes. It protects valuable substances such as fatty acids and lipoproteins from free radicals and preserves cell membranes from oxidative stress.

Vitamin E belongs to the fat-soluble vitamins. Since the digestive tract and blood vessels primarily use water as a transport medium, fat-soluble substances are made transportable by a natural biochemical process called micellation, in which they are “encapsulated” in stable micelles. We use this principle to accelerate and improve the transportability of the vitamin E. In addition, the vitamin E is dispersed into the finest droplets by means of an innovative process (nanodispersion), so that an emulsion is created. This increases the bioavailability even more. Only natural vitamin E is used for the WES NanoShot E.

Through an innovative process, the natural vitamin E is dispersed and micelleled into finest droplets by nanodispersion to be transportable in aqueous solutions and thus achieve highest bioavailability. WES NanoShot E – a highly effective, natural vitamin E source. Suitable for every type of horse.

  • Water-soluble, natural vitamin E concentrate
  • Highest bioavailability and stability due to microencapsulation
  • Antioxidant – promotes muscle energy metabolism and cell protection
  • Supports muscle and energy metabolism
  • Provides effective cell protection
  • For sport and leisure horses for direct supply with vitamin E
  • Ideally suited for horses with muscle metabolism problems
  • Starch/sugar content of < 5 %

1-2 ml per 100 kg body weight and day.

Note: In case of need, double the amount can be given temporarily.

Please follow the feeding recommendation.

Water, oil mixture cold pressed (linseed, sunflower, maize germ oil), small intestine resistant PalaSyrup (Isomaltulose mol.), turmeric

Crude protein < 1 %
Crude fat 65 %
Crude fiber < 1 %
Crude ash < 1 %
Starch & Sugar < 5 %
Sodium < 1 %


Natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) per ml: 150 mg 225 IU

Lecithins 1c322i 20 000 mg


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